Protect-A-Bed Staynew Cotton Terry Waterproof Mattress Protector Single

Phil BoothSKU: F0138SGL0



Protect-A-Bed Miracle Layer is soft and comfortable yet waterproof and breathable

Protecting your mattress from moderate spills and stains

Protecting you and your family from dust mites, mould and bacteria allergens

Absorbent sleep surface (80 percent cotton, 20 percent polyester)

Absorbs up to 1 litre of fluid on a queen size

100 percent Polyester Pique Expandall fitted sheet style, electric blanket safe

Fits all standard and extra deep mattresses, electric blanket safe

Machine wash and tumble dry

Recognised by the National Asthma Council of Australia Sensitive Choice Program

H 400 x W 920 x D 1880 mm

Manufacturer's Warranty:

5 year warranty.

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